Here is a lovely German-made grocery. It is stocked with brands that are still available today.

As children, my sister and I couldn’t even dream of miniatures like this. We made our own shop. Building it took time and patience. We collected empty packages from our mother in the kitchen to fill our shelves.

The black doll is from the French brand La Pie qui chante.

Below is a Lundby dollhouse from Sweden with Lundby furnishings. The dolls are Caco from Germany.

Lundby did not make dolls for its houses until the 1970s. The windows were simple—no panes or curtains. The kitchen table top is inspired by Formica. The bedroom furniture is rococo style, as are several pieces in the living room. This was a middle-class home.

The Do
ll and Teddy Bear Museum is full service—we even have a cardboard hospital. The maker is unknown.

A 1960s school from Jouets Weber, Switzerland.